Exam Rules

Exam rules are stringent, and all essential parts must be considered with to priority, and any type of negligence is not acceptable.  Read all the details and instructions mentioned below to avoid any problems.

Instructions for accessing the exam.

1. Read the notes above titled “Before beginning the exam” and “During the exam.”
2. Click on the “MCQ EXAM” link from the left menu. When ready to begin, click on the subject link you desire to take to open the exam.
3. Do not begin until you are ready to start!
4. The exam must be completed within the start date.
5. Log in using your UID and password to open the student panel. If you’ve forgotten your password click on reset password in student panel>enter your UID and date of birth> OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number> Set a new password. If you’ve changed, your phone number contact us to update your number. Click on to find the login tutorial:
6. You will have 45 mins to complete your exam.
7. The exam must be completed in one sitting.  You can only open it once. It will be deactivated automatically after first use. 
8. Answer all the questions in the exam.
9. Click the “Submit” button in the bottom right corner when you are done to submit your work.
10. All our exam servers and the backup server will be active for the exam period if any problem persists: It means there is a problem in your computer, setting, internet. If any student lacks insufficient computer knowledge, please consult with your friend or family member who knows about computers and the internet. 

Before beginning the exam:
1. Make sure you have a good internet connection. Use faster, reliable and continued internet connection. Do not use internet connection which frequently disconnects or having any other issues.
2. Log out of Ebubios and then back into Ebubios before you begin, this will help to check with connectivity issues. 
3. If you are taking the exam late in the day, it is recommended that you reboot your computer/ phone to free up memory resources from other programs on your computer/ Phone.
4. Shut down all Instant Messaging tools (any social networking platform) and Internet programs as they can conflict with the software.
5. Enter the exam course using Edubios app or on Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 1, or Google Chrome.  Do not use any other internet browser.
6. Maximize your browser window before starting the test. Minimizing the browser window during the exam can prevent the submission of your exam.
7. When you begin the exam click the link only ONCE to launch the test. Double-clicking can lock the test.

During the exam:
1. Do not resize (minimize) the browser during the test.
2. Never click the “Back” button on the browser; this will take you out of the test and prevent Edubios from tracking your selected answers.
3. Avoid using the scroll button on your mouse if present.
4.  Click the “Submit” button to submit your exam. Do not press “Enter” on the keyboard to submit the exam.
5. The student may not use his or her textbook, course notes, or receive help from a proctor or any other outside source.
6. Students must complete the multiple-choice exam within the 45-minute time frame allotted for the exam.
7. Students must not stop the session and then return to it; this is especially important in the online environment where the system will “time-out” and not allow the student or you to re-enter the exam site.

If you encounter problems accessing or submitting your exam, you must contact your instructor immediately by phone. Mr Ashwin Lama can be reached at +917031821558. If he does not hear from you right away, your exam may not be accepted, and you may receive a zero on the review.


Aqube is not responsible for any losses due to unavailable time, disconnection of internet, electricity, hacking of email id, unavailability of proper computer knowledge/ internet, misuse of login key by someone, late fee payment and other conditions mentioned in Rules and Regulations.