About us

About us

Aqube Institute of Management is a dynamic academy where students are provided with core professional management trainings. Our organization firmly believes that quality knowledge must be made available to all along with innovative and interactive learning methods. That is why we try to incorporate every possible method for polishing a student’s persona. All the theoretical formats are blended here with first-hand, practical experience in related fields. And this is how the students need to be nurtured for ‘hitting-the-ground-running’ along with factual information from the very first day of their career.

Aqube Institute of Management has built a smooth path or pavement for its future achievers. Through the ‘Learning & Development’ strategy and capacity building approach, it focuses on delivering customized and value-added training solutions in fields of Hospitality, Healthcare, Aviation, and Retail. As we give priority to bright personalities, we work as committed facilitators, instigating positive attributes in them, assisted with enthusiasm and focused endeavour. With so many roles to play at our end, we promise to offer the best educational background that is necessary for the growth of one’s career.

Be it aviation, hospitality, healthcare or other industries, students at Aqube Institute of Management, who are opting for courses in any sector, undergo thorough intensive internship program with large industry corporate. This not only enhances their knowledge about the industry, but also builds the inner confidence in requirement of facing different situations in the real world and thus leads to better employability skill sets.

With usage and assimilation of rich operational experience, Aqube Institute of Management creates effective and practical training programs. These are imparted to candidates to develop the pre-requisites to be successful in today’s competitive environment.

The current demand for highly skilled and qualified professionals is on hike and being fulfilled by both urban and rural population. Industries, today, have realized that customer loyalty and customer satisfaction are the key tools for success. Meeting just the basic need is no longer enough or sufficient.

The world is waking up with this very realization and the Education & Training industry too, is striving to add value at every stage. From pre-school learning to post-graduation and beyond, the need for continuous up gradation of learning process and learning facilities are immense. Today, the Education & Training industry in India is moving towards a unique mix of old-school system and advanced methodologies of teaching and learning. The customer base is an exceptional blend of young students and working professionals and both of them want to get benefit from the new trends in the Education & Training industry.

Day-today, the industries see demand for professionals. Hence they demand for quality instead of quantity. Basically most of the Graduates or students are not given the basic foundation and understanding of the industrial knowledge, which leads to failure to get a right job. Although new institutions are being established, academic job-placements are not assured. Therefore we, in Aqube Institute of Management, the people from the Queen of hills, decided to launch and make tie-ups with the leading brands and companies. The youth is being aspired here for a proper guidance towards the career platform and career opportunities to build a bright and secured future. During the conceptualization stages of the Training and Education strategy in Aqube Institute of Management, our board very clearly saw that there was a considerable disconnection between formal educations given by colleges and the requirements of an industry.

This understanding was further validated by our own experiences being a Manpower Solutions company in the service sector. World Economic Forum states in a report that India will face huge skill-gaps in some job categories due to low employability over the next 20 years and also warned of a looming global labour crisis.

Which inspirations drive us?

To become a leading Education & Training organization in the Services and planning sector and to develop future leaders by bridging the gap between academics and the industry.

We are committed to guarantee global standards of ‘high-quality student learning’ and value-creation by imparting comprehensive training in all areas of Services and using a wide network of 20 institutes by 2020, in order to equip students for a holistic growth using ethical and best practices.”

How are we different?

Who have the assistance of a dedicated team of counsellors, with vast knowledge & expertise in the various Indian & overseas universities. They play a pivotal role in facilitating the aspirants to make the ideal choice on the basis of one’s own aptitude and interest. We work with utmost transparency from admissions to convocations.

What makes us strong?

Aqube Institute of Management is a team of informed and committed senior education advisors or counsellors who understand the need of the students and their parents. We have firm belief in customer service to the students and our client institutions. Our student centred approach is very strong for counselling means. Based on that, we offer the fullest possible information on the all available options to the students and help them make sensible decisions.

Our Philosophy

At Aqube Institute of Management, we firmly believe that further education requires proper planning to ensure that, students choose the appropriate academic pathway. With this in mind, we assist students by giving comprehensive information about study opportunities. We continuously believe in providing professional services to students, parents and our institutional clients at all times.

Our Commitment

Quality and Excellence –these two key elements of our commitment deliver value for customers. We understand their needs and problems and get solutions in cost effective manner. We are committed to provide professional, personalized and proactive support for prospective candidates and thus ensure right and rewarding professional careers for them.

Our Culture

We nurture a vibrant and young work culture. Our team foster the perfect unison of knowledge, innovation, values, technology, recognition and motivation. As we have experts hailing from different backgrounds, we are very client-centric. Every individual is given the due respect and has the liberty to voice his/her opinion.

Our Mission

We are here to help the youth, the richest resource, identified as “Human Resource” of the nation. This is done to attain coveted positions in the society through better employment. We try to pay allegiance to the society through this Aqube Institute of Management training services highlighting the ideal that our success comes from our students’ success.

Our Vision

Aqube Institute of Management vision is to emerge as the strongest organization for an ethical business approach & to achieve the corporate supremacy by providing incomparable services to our clients.

Our Attributes

We are basically from Darjeeling, famous as the ‘Queen of Hills’. It was a dream to open this institute, but a tough decision too, as the market was full of competitors. But we didn’t lose hope and worked day and night for establishing a genuine institute with no false statements. Hence now we are here after jumping and defeating all the hurdles and providing the best quality education and sincere service to the students. We guide our students to build a better career and to achieve a successful future.

    Aqube Institute of Management helps in offering educational consultancy services as first-hand information & knowledge on the concerned field of study. The students are accordingly prepared for the most crucial role in demand.
  • The Aqube Institute of Management counselors provide updated information dealing with world over admission criteria, acceptance rates, admission committee expectations and merit scale.
  • We treat our students as priceless, and thus, devote extra attention on their personality growth.
  • We help in refining their skills & command over English language & computers.
  • We conveniently change roles as per the call of the situation such as admission consultants, essay editors, resume counsellors, admission guides etc.
  • We prepare the aspirants mentally & psychologically for the grueling tests by conducting mock tests & group discussions which instigates the fighter & winning spirit in them.
  • We are an all pervasive institute taking care of details right from the scratch till the end procedure. We keep them updated with latest information on admission criteria garnered through varied resources.
  • We instigate the best qualities, making them competent to crack the toughest papers & get through top-rated industries.
Apart from excellence in educational services, Aqube Institute of Management offers variety of other services too.

Jobs & Placements:

One of the main challenges faced by almost every organisation is to fit the right person at the right post. Recruiting and selecting candidates has become one of the most resource consuming processes both in terms of money and time. 
Aqube Institute of Management, one of the unparalleled placement bureaus, helps organisations recruit quality manpower, without having to go through the unmanageable recruitment process. 
We are in the business of effectively understanding the manpower requirements, procuring the candidate with the desired profile and building trusting relationships.

Other discerning and value added services are:
  • Our unique service for matching values ensures the best match between the candidate and the company, considering its values, goal culture, in addition to the qualifications.
  • Though adequate candidates are available for different vacancies, we provide the exceptional ones and we know how and where to find them.
  • We have an established collaboration with companies in almost all the sectors, like hospitality, aviation, tourism, retail, with entrepreneurial firms, corporate etc.
  • Our easy access to candidates at national as well as international level provides us an impressive selection, for any location.