Posted On: 25/09/2019

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Notice for Term End Examination

This is to inform students of 2018 and also Cabin Crew / Compartment students of 2016/ 2017, who haven't taken the term-end examination to refer below for instructions on Online Examinations. Cabin Crew students of 2016 / 2017 and Compartment students are requested to share your Father's Name, Contact No, Date of Birth and Permanent Address.

For new registration note that your login OTP for registration will be sent on the number given to us at the time of enrollment. If you have changed your number then send a request to change your number in our email/facebook/ WhatsApp.

Examination Server will be open for one month according to subjects routine. Requesting students to stay updated with your exam routine on our facebook page or website app.

Students who fail to take their exam within the given period will be considered absent / fail.

Please read the pre- instructions before you start your exam.

For any queries contact Mr. Ashwin Lama @ 7031821558 or A3 team @8373072940 / 41 / 42.

Please note your admission Id below and log in to

or click on


using your credentials on your mobile or pc.


EB186096 Anisha Tamang
EB186101 Anjan Mukhia
EB186099 Bashna Tamang
EB186091 Bipasha Sunwar Mukhia
EB186093 Dakshina Rai
EB186089 Kanchan Tamang
EB186097 Krispus Kisku
EB186094 Neha Pradhan
EB186104 Passang lhamu sherpa
EB186098 Pramal Rai
EB186102 Puja Tamang
EB186186 Rajat Cintury
EB186092 Samdenla Lama
EB186095 Samit Gurung
EB186103 Sweta Thapa


EB186116 Abhinav Chamling Rai
EB186107 Aditya ADRai
EB186111 Krittika Rai
EB186115 Mrinali Thapa
EB186119 Nancy Lama
EB186118 Neha Tamang
EB186105 Niha Tamang
EB186112 Pema Chonzam Bhutia
EB186109 Pravesh Pradhan
EB186110 Siddharth Subba
EB186114 Simran Rai
EB186106 Sushmita Chhetri
EB186117 Yogesh Mukhia
EB186113 Zenas Tamang

ETA Batch

EB186127 Abriiti Dewan
EB186137 Aditya Rai
EB186142 Avin Poudyal
EB186128 Isawri Lama
EB186131 Kishor Chettri
EB186130 Neha Rana
EB186124 Nimrod Lama
EB186144 Nivesh Rai
EB186133 Nurullah MD
EB186125 Parsika Sarki
EB186135 Phurba Sangay Yolmo
EB186139 Subham Pradhan


EB186134 Anshul Gurung
EB186120 Barkha Poon
EB186121 Bishal Thapa
EB186136 Pranit Mukhia
EB186146 Prawesh Tamang
EB186145 Prayash Rai
EB186188 Rohnit Tamang
EB186126 Sangeeta Tamang
EB186143 Santosh Gurung
EB186123 Sneha Rai
EB186129 Vishal Smith Rana

2016 / 2017

EB1910519 Sonam Dorjee Bhutia
EB1910520 Abhigayan Subba
EB1910521 Srawan Lama
EB1910523 Sujan Tamang
EB1910524 Sudarshan Lama Tamang
EB1910526 Ayush Subba
EB1910527 Abhishek Khatri
EB1910528 Anish Gurung
EB1910529 Sandesh Subba
EB1910530 Lawan Lama
EB1910531 Ismarna Rai
EB1910532 Bishista Pradhan
EB1910533 Aloshna Chettri
EB1910534 Prawashika Pradhan
EB1910535 Atlina Yonzon
EB1910536 Ashmita Thapa

Wish you all the best for your exams!

A3 Team